Community Meeting December 11, 2023

A lot of work has moved behind the scenes and is not visible here. So we want to start regular meetings to report, discuss and coordinate our activities.

The first meeting will be:


at: Senfcall

Some topics to be discussed:

  • State of incorporation of the e.V.
  • Activities for funding
  • Grant applications
  • Structure and topics of monthly meetings
  • Public representations (e.g. website, conferences)
  • Name for foundation / system to be established

Please feel free to add any topics. Also we are happy for your foundation naming suggestions… :slight_smile:

Looking forward to see you!

leider kann ich heute nicht teilnehmen.

Ich finde diese Treffen aber wichtig und richtig und hoffe auf rege Teilnahme. Plane in Zukunft regelmäßig dabei zu sein. Jetzt wo sich erste Erfolge einstellen (Prototyp Fund) ist es wichtig, dass wir alle mitnehmen. Und es gibt ja auch einiges zu besprechen, insbesondere den Prototypen zu konkretisieren.

Euch eine gutes Meeting,

Moin(Hello) Björn.
Many thanks for the interesting and informative meeting yesterday evening. I am pleased and congratulate everyone involved on the progress already made. Top job :+1: .

I’m already very excited about the next meeting on 8 January and whether there will be more news to report then.

My personal conclusion is that we are on a very good path that the coming weeks and months will be extremely exciting.