Help needed: Create a code of conduct


I really don’t like our Terms of Service. They are cold and technical and not warm and welcoming.

I think we should work on our code of conduct. I guess there are numerous great examples out there, that we use for orientation.

I just would like to see one thing special for us: We should not allow discussions questioning our fundamental believe that de-centralized data storage as such is the only way to replace “have to trust” by “gain control”. People are free to have a different opinion about this, but I do not see our group to be the place for these discussions.

What do you think?


I quite like the Contributor Covenant as a basis for a CoC: Contributor Covenant:


Great site and great starting point. I wasn’t aware of it. So many cool initiatives around that make your life and projects like ours possible at all.

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I can only agree with this

Reads good. But is missing something about conflict of interest. I think we should have a paraphraph about that, asking contributors to make conflict of interest transparent.

Possible conflicts of interest:

  • You work for a company, whose business model relies on gathering personal information, most notably, Google and Facebook (please name others).
  • You are invested in any of the above companies with more than 1000 EUR.
  • Please name other

For people who work for privact (meaning paid work), it should be enforced, for people contributing, it should be voluntary.

Part of the code could also be read, how privact itself is communicating. We should have an additional place for that, since the code would be voluntary for contributors. “Official” privact texts should follow that code though.

I would like to bring this topic up again. I quite like the suggestion brought up by @JollyOrc - what still puzzles me though: Do we need more legal text as the current terms of service includes? Or can we just remove that section? (I really don’t like it)

Let’s figure out what we want to achieve with this. Is this about, pardon my klatchian, ass-covering, or is it about telling people what we want from them?

This is something we should discuss on our next monthly. Added it to the list.