Let's create the content for our new startpage

We want to make it easier for new people to understand what we are doing here. So we need to put a simple webpage on www.privact.org and move this discourse to something like talk.privact.org. The idea behind the webpage would be to make it a single page with several short (and oversimplifying) pieces of content. Here is a first suggestion for the content sections on that page (every number represents a content section on the webpage). Any comments / ideas are more than welcome.

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  1. Your life. Your data.
    Our vision is a world where we all have complete control over our personal data. And the power to use it for the good of ourselves and society.
  2. Store personal data under your control.
    When your personal data gets stored in the cloud, who gets access to that data is not up to you. You have to trust the provider.
    Privact is working on the technology to store your data on your own devices, putting you back in control. And we are building the infrastructure to let you and society benefit from that control.
    However, the real challenge lies in establishing self-controlled data storage as the new societal norm. Therefore, this will be our primary goal.
  3. Unlock the true value of your personal data.
    To make the most out of your personal data, it needs an ecosystem of trusted apps, services and partners. And we’re building it.
    You will always be the one deciding who can access your data and for what purpose. Organizations requesting this access will need to comply with privact’s terms and conditions and are audited by us.
    By providing control over your data and legal protection, privact helps you realize the true value of your data.
  4. Privact’s core missions:
  • We provide the infrastructure you need to take back control of your personal data.
  • Privact acts as an intermediary between data owners and data consumers. Think of it as a market enabler. We ensure that only those who play by the rules can work with your personal data, and that they do so with your consent and in a privacy-respecting manner.
  • We act as a central coordinator for the structure and storage of your personal data. This ensures that all of your data is efficiently available for your personal benefit.
  • Privact seeks to collaborate with other privacy projects to create a system that adheres to best practices and is continually improved.
  1. Here’s how you can help make a difference:
  • Join us
    We’d love to hear your thoughts. Come over to our Discourse forum and tell us what you think!
  • Contribute financially
    If you want to help us achieve our vision through financial support, don’t hesitate get in touch!
  • Collaborate with us
    Are you working on a privacy project with a similar goal? Are you building an application or service and want to know how to use privact? Then reach out so we can work together!
  1. About privact
    privact e.V. is a non-profit registered association based in Germany.
    Our goal is to establish decentralized storage of personal data as the new normal in society and achieve digital privacy for everyone.
    We will always work in the interest of the data owner – you.