Regular meetings and their duration!

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Moin @all.

What do you think about it:

Instead of longer meetings at greater intervals:
this would be for example every 4 or 6 weeks one hour.

Better to hold shorter meetings with smaller time periods,
for example every 7 or 14 days or something in between and only for example 10-20 min?

I could also imagine a 8,9 or 10 day rhythm,
because it offers the opportunity to participate to those
who generally can not on a fixed day of the week !

Please write your feedback and suggestions, freely after the motto
The stupidest thought is the one, that has not been voiced :wink:


Moin @all.
Was haltet ihr davon:

Anstelle von längeren Teffen in größeren zeitlichen Abständen:
das wäre dann zum Beispiel alle 4 oder 6 Wochen eine Stunde

Besser kürzere Treffen mit kleineren Zeiträumen durchzuführen,
zum Beipiel alle 7 oder 14 Tage oder auch etwas dazwischen und
dafĂĽr nur zum Beipiel 10-20 min?

Ich könnte mir auch gut einen 8,9 oder 10Tage Rythmus vorstellen,
weil es denjenigen die Möglichkeit bietet daran teilzunehmen,
die an einem festen Wochentag generell nicht können !?

Bitte schreibt mal euer Feedback, frei nach der Motto:
Der dĂĽmmste Gedanke ist derjenige, der nicht ausgesprochen wurde :wink:


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Thanks for pushing this. I was also thinking about establishing regular online meetings. What do others think about this? Is there any need for this? Any suggestions how to find a time slot for that?

I think that we need regular online meetings. Frequency and duration depend on the purpose of meetings.
First of all, I think that we should consider a session for all (PLENUM). From my perspective it should be a monthly meeting with 90 minutes in the beginning to have a possibility to exchange general status and latest activities.
Difficult to find the best day (weekend or not?). I would suggest to start at 20.00 CE(S)T.
Is there a tool to find the best fit for day and time?
I find a “floating day” difficult and think about a repetitive meeting, to summarize the content of the first meeting. Or even better: one day every second month and a different day in the months inbetween.

Thereafter, I would expect that certain working groups are being established (ideally with a named coordinator), which could agree on other timings (day and duration) with higher frequency and shorter duration (and if necessary irregular ad-hoc meetings to discuss specific topics).

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Agreed, we will start with 20:00 CEST on a monthly base.

Let’s try the onboard tools:

What day of week would in general suit you best for a meeting at 20:00 CEST?
  • Mon
  • Tue
  • Wed
  • Thu
  • Fri
  • Sa
  • Su
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I agree with @Andreas

In principle almost the same…only better :smiley: @Andreas :+1: