Satzungsentwurf e.V

After lots of discussions with Finanzamt, we now have a suggestion for the statues of the privact e.V. (sorry German only) that hopefully complies with standards for non-profit. Please take a look and add comments. I want to take this to the notary soonish.

Satzung privact.pdf (96.8 KB)

Only Section “§ 2 Zweck, Gemeinnützigkeit des Vereins” - 1 & 2 have been changed / adjusted in comparison to the previous version.

Thanks to the sharp eyes of Andreas, you can find an improved version of the statues here:

Satzung privact.pdf (96.8 KB)

Changes improve readability and punctuation.

After our next meeting on Monday I want to push the new statues to the relevant places. So please speak up then the latest if you see anything we still need to change / discuss.

Quite some details. Changing the subscription fee, for example, means to change the bylaws. And I wonder if 0€ is legally valid.

It actually is. I have convinced them that our idea will only work based on substantial fundings, as the money we have to generate is just too big for being financed by a member fee.

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