Survey: Welcoming experience

How do you like our welcoming experience?

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  • We can do better :slightly_frowning_face:
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My feedback as someone who just joined: I’m still unclear about what this group is about and what are the current projects it is working on.

I’m also very confused about why everyone is saying “moin”. What does that mean? It feels like an inside joke that I can’t understand as an outsider.

Hey @narF, great to see you here.

My suggestion is to read Reclaiming Digital Privacy and post questions there. We are still in the process of building everything up, so your feedback there would be more than welcome!

It is the northern German way of saying hello. Just how I tend to greet people. And I introduced it here.

I’ve read a few pages and it’s still unclear what this group does. I see the long term goals, but I don’t see the short-terms ones or a roadmap. Do you have those? Or maybe a FAQ page?

Thanks for asking. And right at the moment it is actually pretty quiet here. So what are / have we been doing? After describing the ideas, most recently we have established ourselves as an e.V. (registered organization for public benefit) here in Germany and applied for some funding (Mozilla, German Sate, NLNet). Right now we are working a bit behind the scenes on preparing a larger fundraising campaign and a static website.

Our first goal is to implement a prove of concept together with KDE / KUserFeedback. Everything has been agreed - but unfortunately people supposed to do this will need to get money for that. So for that step, we work on organizing money.

In case you are looking for something you can do (same applies for anybody else) - just let us know. There are enough tasks for volunteers… :wink: