Webpage - basic text concept

Creating a static webpage is one of the main goals for the next time. Fundraising is one of our main topics for the next time, so this should be the focus of our communications for a start. This wiki page serves for communicate about basic text content for the webpage.


privact - reclaiming privacy


We strive for a world where everyone has full control over their own personal data. A rich market of applications enables individuals to use this data for their own benefit. At the same time, this data will drive progress for society without compromising privacy.


To make personal data controllable by users and useful to society, we will develop technological and organisational solutions:

- Allow users to store data decentralized on their own devices
- Provide transition support for entry into the privact system
- Provide a data mining system that protects individual privacy

- Establish a foundation to act as a trustee for user interests
- Establish an audit system
- Establish a system for working with personal data


We will achieve our goals together with strong civil society partners. We will work with privacy initiatives to create the necessary technical and organisational means. On this basis, we will ally with free software projects as pioneers to implement the new standard in society. Finally, we will work with NGOs to maximise the positive impact on society and the environment.


While storing personal data on users’ devices rather than in the cloud may seem like a small technical detail, the implications for society are massive and multifaceted:


  • …regain control of their digital privacy
  • Empower users to decide what data they provide for what purpose / User gain power to decide what to use their data for.
  • Experience value of data
  • Better services
  • Donation / politisches Instrument


  • Functional privacy as foundation of a free society
  • Ecological / Social impact
  • Availability of data for research / innovation


  • Access to unused assets
  • Availability of data for research / innovation
  • New (data) market / Better services
  • Transparency about CO2 consumption
  • Reward for ecological / social well behaviour


  • Gain insights into organisations / Transparency of organisations
  • Fostering incentives for good behaviour of organisations (in regard to NGOs goals)
  • Gaining impact (e.g. by orchestrating auditing)

privacy initiatives

  • Get impact for reaching their own goals / catalyst
  • Common standards means less own technical work to be done

Free Software

  • Allow user research / UX work